Website Design and Hosting

Package Plans:

Home Page Basic Web Premium Web Small Business

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Basic rates:

Home Page* 90.00
Each Additional Page 75.00
Interactive forms** 125.00
Each Additional Form 90.00
Setup Fee 35.00
Monthly Maintenance*** 35.00
FrontPage™ Hosting 65.00
Custom Design Features

Package Deals:

Home Page Package:

Starter Home Page Package 125.00
  • Home Page Design
  • Setup
  • Feature Listing
  • Internet Address
  • Submission to all major Internet search engines
  • Email Forwarding
Monthly Maintenance*** 35.00

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Basic Web Site:

Basic Web Site 250.00
Includes items above plus:
  • 2 or 3 additional pages
  • Rotating banner advertisement
Monthly Maintenance*** 35.00

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Premium Web Site:

Premium Web Site 495.00
Includes items above plus:
  • 4 to 6 additional pages
  • Multiple Rotating banner advertisements throughout ExploreAmerica’s city listings
Monthly Maintenance*** 45.00

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Small Business Web Site:

Small Business Web Site 695.00
Includes items above plus:
  • 7 to 10 additional pages including
  • 1 interactive forms page.
  • Internic Registration with your own Virtual Domain Name***
    ( )
  • POP3 Email account with unlimited email addresses.
Monthly Maintenance*** 65.00

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Custom Features:

Additional features can be added to any site including custom graphics, animation, sound, scrolling displays, interactive shopping and order processing, secure financial transactions and more.

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Additional Information:

*Home Page

Each page is roughly equivalent to 1 or 2 8 by 11 typewritten pages, depending on content.

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**Interactive Forms Page:

Allows clients to gather information from customers or to provide additional information based on customer input.

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***Maintenance & Hosting

Your website will be hosted on our Digital Equipment NT™ server with direct fiber optic T3 connection to the MCI internet backbone. Our server is housed in a facility with 24 hour round the clock technical support personnel to insure reliable service.

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Virtual Domain:

With a Virtual Domain Name, your internet address will be plus your own Email account with unlimited Email addresses.

Any site can registered with the Internic Registration Service for an additional $35.00 setup plus Internic Registration Service fees.***

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****Internic Registration:

Does not include Internic Registration fees. Internic registration fees are billed directly to you by the Internic Registration Service. The current Domain name registration fees are $50.oo per year with the first 2 years billable in advance ($100.oo total). You will not receive another bill from the Internic for 2 years!!!

The Internic Registrations fees only apply if you choose to have a Virtual Domain Name ( with unlimited Email, otherwise your internet address will be with your email forwarded to your existing account. (AOL, Compuserve, local or national ISP accounts). Note: You do not have to have a computer to have a website and take advantage of the benefits of being on the internet.

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